goHDR Demos

To run the demo you need to have a browser that supports HTML5 and OpenGL. Unfortunately mobile devices don´t yet support the full verion of OpenGL so for now you will have to see the demo on a desktop or laptop machine. We recommend you use the latest version of Chrome.

HDR video captures everything both light and dark so you don’t need to decide exposure until you view it. On an HDR display you just view the full HDR content directly. On a more traditional display you can adjust exposure. Click on the E (exposure) below and move the slider to see this in action.

In the demonstration: E=Exposure, F=False Colour, T=Tone mapped.

goHDR’s Media Player with additional functionality is available for a number of platforms from here

Example HDR video footage:

Note: This is a prototype interactive HDR video viewer. If you have any comments how it might be improved, we would be delighted to hear from you.