About us

High-fidelity multi-sensory virtual experiences

goHDR is an SME developing innovative solutions for Virtual Environments (VEs). VEs offer the possibility of simulating potentially complex, dangerous or threatening real world experiences in a safe, repeatable and controlled manner. They can provide a powerful and fully customisable tool for a personalised experience and allow attributes of human behavior in such environments to be examined.

Unlike other VE solutions, goHDR consider all the human senses (visuals, audio, smell, touch, temperature, taste etc.) in a physically accurate manner. Such environments are known as Real Virtuality. Natural delivery of multiple senses is especially important as a human’s perception may be significantly affected by interactions between all these senses.

Current research is considering:

  • HDR for accurately capturing and simulating real world lighting,
  • 3D audio and smell, and
  • a novel multiple sensory data glove

HDR video is here!

goHDR can help you be ready for it.

Our patented real time encoder enables:

  • The huge data requirements of HDR video to be handled efficiently
  • All the HDR detail to be delivered to any display

goHDR is at the centre of HDR developments around the world and is an active member of:

  • European COST Action IC1005: developing a new efficient open source standard for HDR video
  • IST/37: looking into a new standard for HDR within MPEG

goHDR has exhibited its novel HDR technology at SIGGRAPH, IBC and NAB:

IBC_2013_team NAB_2012_team